Choosing the Right Boat Carpet for Cruisers

So, it’s time to replace that worn out snap in carpet. This type of boat has so much carpet that on the downside a worn out snap-in carpet can be an eyesore and detract from the beauty of the boat. But new drop-in carpet can really enhance the styling and make the interior look . . . → Read More: Choosing the Right Boat Carpet for Cruisers

Snap Installation Video Tutorial

How do I install snaps in my carpet? Are snaps easy to install? What in the world is a ‘snap installation tool’? These are some of the many questions that may be going through your head when you order a new custom Snap-In AquaMat from Corinthian Marine Carpet. So, we’re going to hopefully make . . . → Read More: Snap Installation Video Tutorial

Trailer Bunk Carpet Installation

Re-covered Trailer Bunks

Your boat trailer most likely has carpeted covered boards called bunks that protect the hull of your boat during transportation, loading and unloading of your boat. While the carpet is mildew and mold resistant, it will wear out over time. Replacing that carpet is a fairly easy process and using our . . . → Read More: How To Re-Carpet Boat Trailer Bunks

Why Does Old Snap-In Carpet = Bad Boat Mat Template?

It may seem straight forward enough to take out your existing boat mat, box it up, with instructions: “make me one of these”. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy.

Over the years, boat mats are exposed to all types of conditions – sun, rain, water, extreme temperatures, even humidity.  And that is just the . . . → Read More: Why Does Old Snap-In Carpet = Bad Boat Mat Template?

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