Carpet Alternatives for Your Boat

AquaFusion Looped Vinyl for Snap-in Boat Carpet

A really big trend in boat flooring right now is non-carpet materials. Once again, Corinthian Marine Carpet has stayed a little ahead of the curve and brought 4 new Carpet Alternatives to market for your Snap-in Marine Carpet use! These offer boat owners even greater choice in AquaMats! Easy care and ample elegance set our woven vinyl choice apart from the standard fair. Available in 3 colors, Hawthorne, Morrison and Steele, each offer a boat carpet alternative that is rapidly increasing in popularity! For a more edgy look, we are offering our AquaFusion looped vinyl that has previously only been available to boat makers; charcoal and silver loops provide cushion for tired feet, while the open layout of the loops make cleaning a snap. All of these Non-Carpet materials can be hosed off and the woven vinyl can even be scrubbed with a medium brush and bleach based cleaners for any really stubborn stains without altering the fabric. Any of these Non-carpet alternatives are an excellent choice for your boat and provide incredible durability and unquestionable style.

Woven Vinyl for Snap-in Boat Carpet

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