Welcome to the Big House


In the southwest suburbs of Los Angeles, sits one of the most well-known sporting venues in the United States—The Forum. For over 30 years this iconic stadium housed the Los Angeles Lakers pro basketball team and Los Angeles Kings pro hockey team, as well as playing host to a multitude of musicians and bands . . . → Read More: Welcome to the Big House

Brighten up your Boat!


Have you walked through a boat show lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed the big trend in interior colors is lots of neutrals, beiges and tans. At Corinthian Marine Carpet, we’ve become aware of this and that’s exactly why we stock a fairly sizable line of calm-and-cool colored berber and tip shear carpets that . . . → Read More: Brighten up your Boat!

Heading in Good Directions

Nick Stuard

At Corinthian Marine, we’re used to seeing FedEx and UPS show up every day with large packages of various AquaMat templates and new marine carpet product samples. It’s pretty much the norm around here. But a few weeks ago a small package was delivered to our Oregon office with a big surprise inside of . . . → Read More: Heading in Good Directions

What kind of Carpet is Right for High Performance Boats?

Go Fast Boat

Loud, fast, vibrant, attention-getting. No, I’m not referring to the latest football uniforms donned by the University of Oregon Ducks. I’m talking about high performance go-fast boats. If you happen to be one of the lucky (and proud) owners of one of these engineering marvels, then you probably know exactly what I’m saying. Let’s . . . → Read More: What kind of Carpet is Right for High Performance Boats?

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