Snap Installation Video Tutorial

How do I install snaps in my carpet? Are snaps easy to install? What in the world is a ‘snap installation tool’? These are some of the many questions that may be going through your head when you order a new custom Snap-In AquaMat from Corinthian Marine Carpet. So, we’re going to hopefully make . . . → Read More: Snap Installation Video Tutorial

Who’s going to Aquapalooza??

Let’s face it, one of the two greatest things about summer are boating and music festivals! Right? From coast to coast, some of the biggest music festivals draw thousands of fans from all over the US and beyond. Whether it’s Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee or Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington, . . . → Read More: Who’s going to Aquapalooza??

Boaters' Simplified Guide to Sunscreen

Enjoy the sun with Sunscreen

There are 2 forms of Ultraviolet rays from the sun that reach us here on earth. o UVA rays are the deep penetrating rays that lead us boaters to be so tan. Unfortunately, they are also the dominant cause of visible aging & the deadliest skin cancer Melanoma. . . . → Read More: Boaters’ Simplified Guide to Sunscreen

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